160 PSI Mid Pressure Misting Kit

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160 PSI Mid pressure flexible misting system with enclosure and cleanable fog pin nozzles with filter.

Product Description:

  • MistCooling Inc's Mid Pressure Misting System effectively cools outdoor space with less residual moisture compared to low pressure systems.
  • Our Do-It-Yourself Kits are designed with installer in mind and includes everything you need for quick and easy installation.
  • Each system comes with industry's latest and most powerful mid pressure pump.
  • 160 PSI pump is Made in the USA and offers built in¬†Filteration. There is no need to purchase external filter.
  • Pump is capable of supporting up to 20 nozzles and is used for outdoor enclosure.
  • Durable steel enclosure protects the pump from most extreme weather conditions.
  • Pump is whisper quiet (Appx. 40dbm=Refrigerator) and can sit on the floor or be wall mounted.
  • Pump connects to standard 115v electrical outlet and uses only 1.2amps. 12vdc and 220v pumps are also available on request.
  • All Flexible Systems come standard with our exclusive Clenable Misting Nozzles. These nozzles are specially engineered and has longer lifespan so you can save money. Our high quality UV treated flexible tubing and push lock fittings will last for years to come. MistCooling Inc's mid pressure kits are designed to perform flawlessly and will instantly create cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing the looks of your outdoor living space.
  • All kits are expandable and be customized to your specifications.
  • WARRANTY: 2 year warranty on Pump and 1 year warranty against defects on all other components.


Base 10 Nozzle Mist Kit Includes: 1- 160 psi mid pressure pump with built-in filtration; 50ft Flexible UV coated 1/4" tubing; 9-Push Lock Misting Tees ; 1- push lock end mist elbow; 2- nozzle plugs; 10- cleanable brass/stainless steel Nozzles (0.012") ; Mounting Clamps and all necessary fittings required for easy D-I-Y installation


  • Whisper quiet operation; Built in Filtration;
  • Outdoor Enclosure; Wall Mountable Steel Enclosure;
  • Max Pump Pressure 160 Psi;
  • 110v AC (Available in 12vdc and 220v on request); Supports up to 20 nozzles;
  • Cleanable Brass-Stainless Steel ultrafine misting nozzles;
  • Reusable push lock fittings; MADE IN USA .
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