In Ground Pool Cooler

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Pool Cooler kit provides a lot fun, simple to install, readily attach-detachable and very economical way to cool the Swimming Pool Water temperature.

Mistcooling Inc’sPool Coolers are the perfect and the best economical way to makecomfortably cool of warm swimming pools water . Our swimming poolcooler is a simple design to solve the problem of hot pool water. OurPool Cooler is a solution that is affordable, easy to install, zerooperating cost, maintenance free and inexpensive to operate. It doesnot require any power, Freon or gas to operate, just attach to the poolreturn jets The pool water works on a mistcooling evaporationprinciple, water circulates through the poolcooler system, removing theheat from the water instantly. Create a cool zone at the mist curtaincomes out into your pool, giving you a refreshing and comfortablefeeling while swimming during the hot summer days.Not only will your pool be refreshing during those red hot summermonths but your pool water chemistry will be easier to maintain.8 to 10 degree drop in water temperature (95' to 85') can result in asavings of 20-25% on chemical consumption.

MistCooling Inc’s Pool Coolers are the best solution tothe hot pool water problem


1.Compare the result to buy costly ($ 1799+) Pool Chillers, Vsonly $34.00 mistcooling’s poolcoolerwhich achieve nearly close results.(Reduce 8 to 10 degree)

2.It is a simple evaporating mistcooling based system not a heat pump, soit neither require Freon nor the expense of operating a heat pump.

3.It is easily incorporated into your existing pool return system.

4.It costs zero a day to operate.

5.Perfect solution for your hot pool water is problem! Pool Coolers work:Pressurized return water going in to the pool passes through microorifices of our poolcooler creates a misting effect facilitatingevaporative cooling which suck the heat from the pool hot water andreduce the temperature drastically in a short period and gives you coolrefreshing swimmable water.

MistcoolingInc’s Pool Cooler features:

•Decreases the pool water temperature 8-10 degrees.

•Operating cost is Zero.

•Easy installation and removal, does not require glue, just slip.

•Runs with in-ground and above ground pool.

•Energy efficient (low amperage output) 5.5 average output.

•Kids love its mist curtain a lot.

•Increase the life of pool liners

•Will fully functional in less than 30 seconds.

Recomondation:For best results, run your filtration system at night when the outsideair is at its' coolest. It is also recommended to install The PoolCooler at each end of your pool. However you can install as many as yougot returns, we do also provide plug to block returns to increase thepressure at poolcooler.

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