Mid Pressure Misting Systems

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  1. Fan Mist Ring - Mid Pressure

    Fan Misting Kit with push to connect fittings. The push to connect fittings allow you the flexibility to reuse the misting tees and misting elbow, as compared to the compression fittings.The mid pressure misting fan kit can be used with our mid pressure misting pump

  2. 160 PSI Mid Pressure Misting Kit

    160 PSI Mid pressure flexible misting system with enclosure and cleanable fog pin nozzles with filter.

  3. Mid Pressure Misting Kit - 250PSI Flexible

    Industry leading mid pressure mist system powered by Max 250psi mist pump. Innovation powerhouse with built in water on/off solenoid valve, built in internal filtration and rust proof outdoor enclosure. This flexible mist kit will allow you to turn your hot patio, gazebos, pool and pet areas in to instant cool zones. A must have for any home owner!


  4. Mid Pressure Mist Kit - Stainless Steel

    Beat the harsh summer heat with MistCooling’s Stainless Steel Mid Pressure Mist Kit. This powerful 250PSI misting system comes with industrial grade 316 stainless steel rigid tubing. Experience a cooling effect of up to 30 degrees with the best mid pressure cooling system in the industry.

  5. Mid Pressure Mist Kit - 1/2" PVC

    Create your very own oasis in the hottest summer months. This DIY mid pressure misting kit allows you to build your own mist cooling system using pvc fittings and pvc pipe. Save trips to the hardware store and eliminate the hassle of cutting and measuring the PVC tube. Mist Kit includes Pre-cut PVC pipe and pre-threaded fittings. Easy to install, durable, and expandable.

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