Nickel Plated Non-Drip (Antidrip) Nozzles

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* MTP No-Drip Nickel Plated Brass Misting Nozzles

* With stainless insert
* With non-drip(anti-drip) features

NOTE: Nickel Plated Nozzles has passed 100 hours salt mist testmeans last longer than un-plated Brass and little less than all stainless steel nozzles

Minimum Pressure Required
Item No. Orifice Thread No. Unit Price
150 Psi
0.006" 10/24unc/2A $7.60
150 Psi #MTP-2010+AD 0.008"
10/24unc/2A $6.99
60 Psi #MTP-3010+AD 0.012"
10/24unc/2A $5.60
60 Psi #MTP-4010+AD 0.015" 10/24unc/2A $5.60
60 Psi #MTP-5010+AD 0.020" 10/24unc/2A $5.60
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