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AC Pre-Cool Mist System-Residential

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Start saving up to 30 percent on your summer electricity bill with our Cool N Save AC Pre-Cool Mist Kit!
When applied to your AC condenser unit, our AC Pre-Cool Mist Kit creates a "Cool Zone" which keeps the air around your unit much cooler than the surrounding air. Because of this, your AC unit is able to transfer heat much more effectively, greatly increasing its EER (Energy Efficiency Rating.)
     This increased efficiency saves you money in two ways. First, the lower temperatures in the AC compressor itself means it runs at a lower pressure, allowing it to work using less energy. Second, your AC unit will run for shorter periods since it will transfer heat much more efficiently. The end result is your AC unit using much less electricity, lowering your summer cooling bills!
     The Cool N Save AC Pre-Cool Mist Kit breakthrough is its patented flapper valve,which easily installs to the top of almost any AC condenser. When the AC unit starts to blow air, it blows the flapper up, opens the valve, and water flows to the misters. When the AC unit shuts down, the flapper valve shuts and no water is wasted.
     This simple, brilliant variation on existing systems is what allows anyone to quickly install the AC Pre-Cool Mist Kit with NO TOOLS. No electricity is needed to power the AC Pre-Cool Mist Kit, and no complex connections or diagrams need to be followed. Finally, the scientific principals used for years by large corporations to save money can be applied to almost any home AC system.


    * Study Proves Savings
    * Eco-Friendly and Efficient
    * Quick and Easy to install
    * No tools needed

    * 1-Cool-N Save-Flapper Valve
    * 3-2ft Mist Arm
    * 3-Nozzles
    * 20ft Feed line
    * 1-Garden hose adapter
    * 1-Filter
    * 1-Replacement Nozzles

In a recent scientific study completed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tulane University, researchers prove that the Cool N Save AC Pre-Cool Mist Kit greatly increases the efficiency of air conditioning systems, and therefore can significantly lower electricity costs.

"...cooler air will able to circulate throughout a house and this will decrease the time the condenser unit runs, thus reducing electricity cost to the user."

Study result Study  Analysis

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CoolnSave AC Pre-Cool Mist System mc703VP-Value Pack
Cool-N-Save Residential system.

Price: $299.99 

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Anti-scale 6" water treatment filter Price: $39.99 

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