I received and installed the mist nozzles in my reptile habitat and it works excellent,  I wanted to thank you for supplying me with such great products.  I also wanted to ask if I could make one more purchase.
Matthew Bakker
18 Mar 2008
Your the best, Thanks. I will pass on your good services to the rest of my contacts. Thanks again.
Cregan, John J. LT (CVN69)
18 Aug 2007
You have a good product. I wish I could retail them. The mark up would not be enough to allow me to do that. But I will pass your web site information on to those who ask about misters for cooling.
Steve K Black
17 July 2007
That looks great. I can't wait to get them. Thanks.
2 July 2007
"I recently purchased a patio misting system and am very happy with it most of the time.  Unfortunately on very hot days, (90F and up) the misting actually makes it worse.  The water comes out warm and is not refreshing.  Someone told me that there is a water chilling module which chills the water rapidly before it is sent through the misting lines.  I was wondering if you sell or have any info on such a product."

Pacquing, Matthew J
18 June 2007
Your pre-cooling system we purchased and installed is great. We thank you for your product line.
Mary Spiegel
Stapleton, AL

10 June 2007
"When evaluating your nozzles and the stainless steel fittings with other reputed brand nozzles.
 I set  up my system using your nozzles in lickety split time.  With your  nozzles all I needed in my hand was lightweight tube cutters and a  stapler, no helper required!!!   I was  pleasantly surprised when I tested out these lightweight, stylish,  but industrial strength high-efficiency performers.  I even compared  the mist patterns between that other brand and yours nozzles side by side, and 
the spray pattern was identical in breadth and distance, but it  seemed that there were more heavy droplets coming out from the other supplier's nozzle  which translates into wasted insecticide falling directly below to  the ground.  is now a plug-n-play turnkey install with the hardest part 
being the planning and running of the tubing.  It makes for an  impressively climactic ending and therefore rewarding install for  both installer and customer.  Thank you for making life simpler!
Ward Heyne
06 June 2007
We bought the mid-pressure booster pump and installed it last weekend.  The pump works great and really improves the quality of our patio misting system spray.  We installed the pump indoors in an air-conditioned environment, .
Greg and Candy Ricker
05 June 2007
"Thank you for your quick service and deliver a week ago!

The products are very high quality and I am impressed by the technology.!"

Arthur G. Altschul, Jr.
3 June 2007
I have a 10x20 greenhouse that is open to the air during the summer and I had trouble last year keeping the temperature down. As the temperature would rise to 100 degrees the house would run about 10 degrees hotter this was very bad on my orchids. I have since added a string of 11 nozzles of yours and now the temperature is lower than outside the house. Plus my plants stay more humid than before. Your product works great..
Curtis Squires
24 May 2007