Low Pressure vs. High Pressure



Low-pressure mist systems operate on city water pressure (city water pressures generally range from 40-70 PSI). and are hooked to a garden hose and ready to create mist spray water droplets that cool the air surrounding the outdoor area. but the main disadvantage of low Pressure mist is that it can perhaps wet the floor depending upon the air circulation and installation hight, but this is more economical and affordable constructed from commercial grade molded components capable of handling pressure up to 225 PSI,

If you are looking for the Cloudy Foggy mist system that offers rapid and effective maximum cooling doesnot wetting the floor, then our high-pressure mist system that includes a pump which is not noisy that boosts normal city water pressure up to 1000 or more available up to 1500 Psi giving the maximum cooling for your outdoor area. When using a high-pressure mist system water droplets become broken in to several microns atomizing and creating an ultra-fine mist like a cloud that flash evaporates instantly cooling the area. High-pressure mist systems cool up to 41/2 times better than low-pressure mist systems.

Q. 1What is the Basics of Mist Cooling Principles ?
Ans.2.25 Lbs of water evaporation gives the same cooling effect as the melting of 15 Lbs of ice. This is nature's own way of cooling air, it produces a considerable amount of cooling effect. The Mist Cooling, Inc FOG NOZZLE converts ordinary water into billions of mini micron-size water particle. When water is forced at 1000 PSI or + pressure through our precision orifice fog nozzle, which generates 10~15 micron size water droplets resulted rapid evaporation takes place, hence achieving total evaporative cooling even in the high relative humidity climate.

Q. 2What water pressure required to create a mist ? Can it hook this kit with my garden hose directly?
Ans.Minimum 35 Psi water pressure which is a city water supply pressure.Yes.

Q. 3Do they produce a nice amount of moisture?
Ans.Yes, we have four nozzles option for low-high water usage(1.2GPH to 3.26GPH nozzles

Q. 4Will the fog drop or rise?
Ans.It depends where and how you install.
If you install at the top , fog will fall down. or you can adjust according where the fog required.

Q. 5Will it be warm or cool?
Ans.Off course cool, mist cooling systems, works on the Flash Evaporative Cooling basics, the fine fog flash evaporates upon contact with heat in the surrounding area, effectively removing unwanted heat and reducing ambient temperature.

Q. 6How long do they take to start producing a fog?
Ans.Immediately as soon as the misting tubing / pipe filled up with the water.

Q. 7How can I extend the kit? can it expandable with standard MC552 Patio kit?
Ans.Yes you can extend further easily as many as by 1/2" Extension Kits 10feet mist line MC293.

Q. 8What do I need to buy if I need finer mist?
Ans.Higher the pressure - finer the mist, you can buy our low cost Mid Pressure Booster Pump-380 pressure 160 psi.

Q. 9What I need to buy ultra fine mist?
Ans.High Pressure Pump module 750 to 1000 psi would produce a real ultra fine mist like cloud.

Q. 10What are the uses of the Hydro Test Pump ?
Ans.Sprinkler line Test,Pipe Testing, Boiler Testing,Pumps and Valve Body Testing,Tube Testing, Fire Hose Testing, Gas Cylinder Testing.


Instructions and Troubleshooting

Depending on which model purchased, your Misty Mate® will provide a cooling time of from 2 to 3 hours of intermittent use (approx. 15 seconds every 2 minutes) or up to 20-30 minutes of continual use. (Note: You will have to re-pressurize after 10 minutes for continual run time)

Operating Instructions

Unscrew cap assembly from bottle.

FILL the bottle with water up to the top of the hose inside the bottle.

Replace the cap onto the bottle and close tightly. Ensure the on/off valve, located on the hose, is closed.

PUMP up the Misty Mate® 20 to 25 times. Make sure each stroke of the pump handle is pushed down completely and rapidly to the top of the cap, or the unit will not fully pressurize. It is normal to feel increasing resistance as the unit builds pressure from continual pumping.

Open on/off valve and enjoy the MIST!


Q. 10Why does Techni Ice last longer than regular Ice?
Ans.YES, ice melts at 33 degrees and turns into water. Techni Ice keeps releasing cold air up to room temperature (most refrigerators are set at 45 to 47 degrees. As long as your food and or your drinks are still cool & dry you can eat or drink them). Techni Ice can be frozen as low as your freezer temperature can go (40c if you have a deep freezer).

Q. 11How do you activate Techni Ice?
Ans.You submerge It. in warm to hot water and scrunch it from side to side from top to bottom evenly. You do this for approximately 4 to 6 minutes or until hydrated (you should be able to put a thumbprint in each cell. The reason for the thumbprint is when you put anything into the freezer it expands 10%, so you must leave some room for expansion when frozen). If you over hydrate your Techni Ice, just lay it on a counter for 1 to 2 days or put it in the microwave a few times to dehydrate it.

Q. 12Why doesn't the water come out of the cells?
Ans.The water enters the tiny holes per cell in Techni Ice and mixes with the crystals and becomes a polymer gel and thus the polymer gel has a bigger molecular make up and since the gel is bigger than the tiny cells, it won't come out.

Q. 13How long does Techni Ice last?
Ans.It depends on how often you open and close your cooler, how many sheets you use, how cold you froze the Techni Ice (recommended time of freezing is 24 to 36 hours before using. The longer you freeze, the colder your freezer, the quality of your cooler, the longer it will last). A typical camping cooler with Techni Ice should give you 1 to 4 days approximately of lasting coolness, a day cooler will last a day, and a lunch box will last through a normal lunch period.

Q. 14How often can you freeze Techni Ice and how durable is it?
Ans.Remember Techni-Ice is a replacement product Forget those messy water ice cubes that promptly melt and make a soggy mess in your cooler. You can freeze Techni Ice as often as you like. With proper use, you will have years of benefit from Techni Ice.