Rental Misting Systems

Why Rent?

Need misting systems for one time use? Want to cool off your outdoor party but don't want to store and maintain misting systems?

Good news! We rent out misting systems !! We can customize the system according to your need. Where you have water connection, electric connection or don't, we can help you in either ways.

No need to stay hot and burn your skin this summer for outdoor activity. Get cool with MistCooling's misting systems.

Great for kids outdoor parties or summer games or your outdoor fundraising. Mistcooling's misting systems can definelty make your next outdoor activity "COOL!"

Why Us?

At Mistcooling Inc. we provide professional, quality service and rentals to Houston and around area. We know your event is special for you and that is why we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied, doing everything we can to make sure your event is exactly what you are looking for.

With Mistcooling Inc. you can be assured of getting the personalized customer service you deserve.

Our Products:

Misting Tent 10x10

Our misting Tents are very economical and simply the best way to stay cool under the sun. Tent provides enjoyable shade while misting system cools the sorrounding area instantly. Tent Mister is available in High Pressure, Mid Pressure and Low Pressure to better suit your needs.

Tent Mister can be customized specifically for your application. Ask for water tank and 12v system in the event where water and/or electricity are not available.

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Portable Cooler

MistCooling Inc is proud to introduce the best portable misting system in the market! This is the first truly mid pressure portable unit in the industry. Engineered for optimal cooling, 300 PSI pump creates ultra fine mist that instantly cools surrounding areas up to 30 degrees!
This low flow continuous duty pump uses less water thus no need for constant refills. System can be customized for various different applications. This truly portable misting system will be your perfect companion during hot summer, no matter where you go! Not only it keeps your drinks cool, it keeps YOU cool!

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Misting Station

Our innovative misting station can be customized by your needs! Need it for small backyard party or big outdoor events; we will add fan heads according to your needs.

Connects to any regular hose and you are in oasis! Woo your friends and family for next outdoor gathering with our misting station.

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 Each system tries to reproduce a natural phenomenon artificially. The machine has several nozzles which eject tiny drops of water. These drops capture the dust particles in the air and make them sink to the ground.

Fields of use:

    Aggregate processing plants
    Demolition sites
    Cement factories
    Road construction works

Rent starts at $650 per week

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